Friday Fill-ins with Toby and PeggySue

It’s Friday Fill-In time! I thought I’d share my Fill-In duties with PeggySue today – I need to get back to my nap quickly!! Simon’s using his butt to push me out of the way!!!0909a My answers are in Orange, PeggySue’s are in Purple!!

1. I can’t wait for the new season of Elementary on television. Its mom and me’s favorite show!!

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2. In my home, the fan in my mom’s office needs to be repaired. I’ve been shouting about it to the landlord, but he’s ignoring us!!! Its a good thing summer is almost over!!0909c

I thought I lost all my toys, but I  mom found them under the

4.Once, I found my forever home, I found my favorite spot in my home!!0909b


See you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!!!