Can’t I Have Some?

0913aHey folks! My mom is not being nice to me tonight!! Here we are watching Poirot over supper – and she wouldn’t share with me! It smelled so yummy – red beans and rice with ham – I really wanted some of that ham – but she said “NO!” I kept trying to muscle my way into her lap and put my face in her bowl but she kept shoving me away! As if!!!! She knows what’s hers is mine (and what’s mine is mine!)


0913bI kept trying to enlist Simon to help me snag some of that ham but he just patiently waited until she was finished and licked the bowl – after me, of course!













We can’t wait until next Monday!!! Arrrgghhh – It Be Meow¬†like a Pirate Dae!!!! Ye be walkin’ th’ plank if ye’ don’ join in!!!!