Ginger Throwback Thursday

Hey folks, it’s Throwback Thursday time and I’ve decided to go ginger! The first ginger kitty mom had was Tigger way back in 1971 – but he died while less than a year old (he got distemper). Mom has only one photo of him but she can’t find it!0915c

This is her 2nd ginger, Russell. He’s checking out what’s for supper. Russell came to live with mom from a very noisy household where he only came out at night when the humans and dogs were asleep. He lived with her for over 12 years.0915a

Here is the 3rd ginger, Norman. He came when mom rescued his pregnant mom. She gave him away as a kitten but the person who took him brought him back a week later because he was “too rambunctious.” He stayed with mom for only 5 years because he disappeared one day and never came home. He is the reason every cat since then is never aloud outside without supervision. (Rufus is in the photo with him.)0915b


And I am her 4th ginger. We’ve all been boys and what she calls her “heart cats.” I love the gingers who came before and look forward to meeting them one day at the Bridge – but that day is hopefully A LONG WAY OFF!!!!0915d

Tomorrow is Friday Fill-in and we’re having a big discussion over who will do the answers! You’ll have to wait and see!!