Simon Says: Happy Birthday!

0913b It’s my turn to post!!

Today is the birthday of my Lady Love, Joanie!!! Here is a special card I made for her:joanies-birthday

I’ve had a copy of the card to mail to you –  I’m sorry it’s late in the mail – I kept reminding mom to drop it by the post office but she’s so forgetful.

It’s also Sammy’s Birthday, too!! So, of course, we made him a card, too!hb-sammy


And since this post is all about our friends over at 15 and Meowing, this is a special addition from mom – Last spring Miss Ellen brought a new cat-baby home named Brody and he was scared to death! So we posted a purrs and prayers announcement:brody-healing-of-his-spirit You could just see the fear on his face.

Well yesterday Miss Ellen posted a new photo of Brody dressed as a pirate and the look on his face is priceless – pure happiness! brody-so-happyMom said she just had to show a before and after photo of the handsome boy! It’s amazing what prayers will do!

That’s all for today, Toby will be back tomorrow!!