Look Who Decided to Visit!

It’s MerryBelle! 0926a


Now I know you’re thinking “But doesn’t she live in your house?” And you would be right! But as she is 99.99999% feral she won’t come any where near mom and only when it’s food time and mom isn’t around does she come around us. So, this is a real treat!0926b


She’s taken to sleeping in mom’s closet and actually came out this morning to say hi – with mom in the room!! Mom was able to get these pics before she scurried back to the closet! Mom figures as long as she sees her at least once a day (usually coming out of the litter box room or the kitchen from eating) she’s going to let MerryBelle do what she wants to do. So I wanted to share these photos with you because who knows when we’ll see her again!!!0926c