Look Who Decided to Visit!

It’s MerryBelle! 0926a


Now I know you’re thinking “But doesn’t she live in your house?” And you would be right! But as she is 99.99999% feral she won’t come any where near mom and only when it’s food time and mom isn’t around does she come around us. So, this is a real treat!0926b


She’s taken to sleeping in mom’s closet and actually came out this morning to say hi – with mom in the room!! Mom was able to get these pics before she scurried back to the closet! Mom figures as long as she sees her at least once a day (usually coming out of the litter box room or the kitchen from eating) she’s going to let MerryBelle do what she wants to do. So I wanted to share these photos with you because who knows when we’ll see her again!!!0926c




14 thoughts on “Look Who Decided to Visit!

  1. We have an elderly neighbor who goes into a panic when she can’t find her cat…. She doesn’t seem to realize that cats do not act like dogs (at least most don’t)….
    Mr. M lived feral for years before he was catnapped into domesticity… he can go ‘M I A’ for days, but as long as his food is being eaten and his box is being used, we assume he is fine and merely needs some time to himself….
    We think our neighbor is either over acting and/or a drama queen…

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