Sunday Selfies with Toby and guests!!

Hey folks!! I went to Joe’s debate this week! It was great – Joe’s answers to everybody’s question were outstanding. The moderator, Kong, even asked one of my questions!! While there, I was able to grab some selfies with Kong and even Joe, himself!!!!

tobysquestion1Phoebe (15 and Meowing) was the cue card holder (and also Joe’s speech Writer) and made sure my question was first!  Thanks Phoebe!


Then I had a selfie taken with the great Joe himself!! Of course, I thought Joe’s answer was spot on!!


Thanks to Campaign Manager, Nellie (Nellie on the Edge), for securing these selfies for me!!! Thanks, Miss Nellie! You’re the best!!! After Joe and Smoke win the election, they need to send you on a nice, long vacation to Hawaii for all the hard work you’ve done this year!!


cat4-001-300x300 The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies

cb-blog-links-fall-2  The Cat Blogosphere 


14 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies with Toby and guests!!

  1. Hi Toby,
    Wes was so darn happy that yous pawticipating in the debate and mes sure glad Mes gotten pictures of yous there!
    Thanks yous! AND by the way, has Mes told yous lately that yous looks marvelous darling
    Nellie Bellie


  2. Have you just added the slide show of LadyBird to the sidebar. We just noticed it, and think it was such a great idea. We remember her fondly. We also attended the debate and were quite pleased with Joe’s answers. We didn’t even think of getting a selfie with Joe. Toby, did it make your skin crawl standing next to TRUMP? Thanks for hopping with us and sharing your special “selfie.” XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth a


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