Friendly Friday Fill-in Time!!

100It’s time for Friendly Friday Fill-ins!! 


My favorite store is anything on-line! Mom absolutely hates shopping. If she could afford to have groceries delivered, she would!!online-shopping-hi


 An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is Mom and I prayed that we would be able to buy a house in Savannah, Georgia, when we lived there years ago. But it didn’t come through and we were able to move back to Virginia with no problems. But on the other hand, maybe God did answer our prayer – He just said “No!”100_1980


At Halloween, I don’t dress up or get special treats. It’s just another day to us! 



I believe in the supernatural, because angels are with us every day.



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12 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill-in Time!!

  1. Thank you for participating, you always have great answers. I like online shopping, but I like to go shopping too, but only out of town. I hate the Walmart in my town because I bump into too many people that I know so I go 1/2 hour away to that one 🙂 I believe in angels too. Have a great weekend! XO and love to you all.


  2. I am the same way about groceries. Some things, like toilet paper, are often cheaper from Amazon than at Walmart. We got an excellent deal on cream of chicken soup by the case. Most of the food is outrageous in price online.

    One of these days the prices will come down and we won’t have to leave the house.


  3. I agree with you about angels. They are all around and often show up in unexpected places and form. What a blessing they are to us all!
    Ordering groceries online is way too expensive in many cases. We’ve been able to find some good deals on Amazon, like toilet paper and cream of chicken soup, but forget buying Duke’s Mayonnaise that way. They must lace it with gold or something. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


  4. Great filling in today! My Mom prefers shopping online as well – avoid traffic and parking the car and crowds and lines at checkouts…….order online! YAY! Glad you stayed in Virginia….we love your yellow house!

    Hugs, Sammy


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