We’re Having a Witchy-Caturday Art!!

We’ve been posting some of last year’s Halloween’s art but today we have new art!!! We are witches and warlocks today!!!







On another a note, we were asked why does everybody avoid PeggySue (see our answers from our Sunshine post this past Thursday)? Here’s why – and some of the answers include mom, although she doesn’t avoid PeggySue like us!

  • She doesn’t know how to play nice – she bites and claws
  • She doesn’t enjoying petting – mom can give her just one stroke or two and she bites mom’s hands and fingers
  • She’s a lurker – she hides around corners and doors and when we walk by she attacks! She even attacks mom!
  • She steals our treats – she inhales her treats so fast she’ll eat what’s left of everybody else’s. To prevent her from doing that mom gives her more treats (to keep her eating longer) than the rest of us and that’s not fair.
  • We were a genteel house of older cats who lived a dignified life – now we have the lightening fast PeggySue running around being a rambunctious young whippersnapper who is driving us all to distraction!!! For some reason unbeknownst to us, mom sees a lot of potential in her as she settles down. When will that be, Mom?



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16 thoughts on “We’re Having a Witchy-Caturday Art!!

  1. I guess she does have some not so nice qualities, but I am sure your Mom is right and she will be good someday. A lot of that behavior is probably fear so she tries to be tough. Joanie is like that with treats here too, she inhales them.Very cute Halloween art and I agree orange and black cats don’t need costumes, torties too, Penny is fall colored XO

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  2. I live with 2 young cats who act somewhat similar to PeggySue. The young male (about a year old) will only JUST tolerate me petting him, and then he slinks away under my hand…and he only lets me pet him because I feed him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The female (about a year and a half) is feisty, and likes to swipe at my ankles as I pass by her. I’m not sure if it’s for attention or just to play. She also will nip if she gets petted for too long…she definitely shows you when she is done getting affection or just not in the mood at all.

    But the male is also sweet as pie with the kids and lets them shower affection upon him…he just runs away to do his own thing when he is done. And the female likes to curl up on my blankets at night and purr contentedly. She often spends a good portion of the night curled up on my bed while I sleep.

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