How much is the ransom?

Hello all! H. Matthew is still holding our internet hostage – I’m wondering what the ransom is. Mom contacted the go-betweens today – Cox Cable – she’s really hating them right now – for an estimate of when they’ll pay the ransom and we get our  link to the outside world back – and they couldn’t say. She was so mad she had to sign off rather than say the bad words she was thinking! So off she goes to her local library – and guess what – it’s closed! Sewer problems and such. So she’s at a different library to do my post. That’s how much she loves me and you!!! Also, she’s not visiting as much right now, so please forgive her if she doesn’t get to everybody!  Enough of that – here’s some photos for you!

Mom is – or was before nasty Matthew came to town – on a special project that she is hoping to make public next week (we’ll see) – but these photos are of me helping her!


This is one where I got bored and decided to take a bath.1011c Yeah, they’re a little dark but we don’t have access to our usual photo editing software right now!

Mom’s scheduling a post for tomorrow since she won’t get back to the library until Friday! We love you all!! We’ll get back to normal soon!!



9 thoughts on “How much is the ransom?

  1. Lady is old enough to remember life without internet (and she has had it since 1989 but wasn’t a big user until 1993) and now she knows there is nothing more frustrating than not having it. Hope it is back soon.


  2. On this one I think you may have to cut Cox some slack….this wasn’t just an ordinary T-storm. They probably are having problems in TONS of areas. Normally I would be the first to bash the cable companies, but due to the magnitude of Matthew, I am sure they are doing their best. Hang in there! There is no law that says anyone has to blog seven days. I haven’t blogged ALL week so far……not in the mood, guess what? I don’t care. xoxo


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