Friday Fill-in Time!

It’s Friday Fill-in time!!  001

1. It is good to have a spare can of cat food because you never know when a kitty will show up to the table outside!stock-illustration-17779057-cartoon-cat-with-full-bowl-animal-food-kitten

2. I don’t understand why walking around with your cell phone in your hands is/are so popular. Mom saw a girl coming out of the 7-11 the other day with her phone in her hand. What is so important that you have to carry your phone in your hand (rather than a purse or pocket) into a convenience store for less that 5 minutes?14841099-illustration-of-a-girl-talking-on-mobile-on-a-white-background-stock-vector

3. The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was  nothing has happened to me but when mom was in her 20s she went to see the first Halloween movie at Military Circle Mall and when it ended it was after the mall closed and she and her friend were parked way on the other side. They had to walk all the way around the mall in a darkened parking lot at midnight after seeing that scary movie. Mom said she couldn’t sleep all night and had nightmares for a long time. She never saw another Halloween movie and certainly not ones late at night!!!halloween-simon-2Rather than have a scary picture of that movie on my blog, I’m showing you one of our Halloween photos from last year. You know that’s Simon!!

4. My favorite Halloween tale is Orange, Black, Pumpkin Patch. Don’t know it? Its the story mom wrote and illustrated with me and Simon as the stars! She usually posts it on OrangeMarmaladePress during Halloween week but if you want a sneak peek, click on the book cover below. 

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Signing off from Bayside Public Library!!!