Sunday Selfies!!

Here’s a long-distance selfie of MerryBelle getting ready to launch herself from her perch to make a mad dash to the food dish while avoiding PeggySue at the same time!


Are you trying to distract me, mom?013

And here’s one of me! You know I couldn’t let a Selfie Sunday go by without my selfie! Aren’t I handsome? Mom thinks I am. 002

Nellie carved us a Pumpkin!!!! We LOVE it!!


If you want to be a part of Nellie’s Pumpkin Patch click HERE for more info!!! We love sweet Miss Nellie!!!

We hope everybody has a relaxing Sunday!!!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies!!

  1. Your pumpkin came out great. I think you are very handsome and Penny thinks so too. Poor MerryBelle, hopefully she will get less scared. Snowball still won’t let me touch her after 3 years so don’t take is purrsonally if she never does fully adjust, but at least she is safe. XO

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