H. Matthew, the zillionth chapter

Here’s the latest news from the no-internet front!

Mom finally took me outside yesterday to wait for the cable man who was coming to get us back online – yea! – or so we thought.


He checked everything and said we had plenty o’juice coming through the line but he would check further – which is good cause mom was going to get her back up and not let him leave until he solved the mystery.


A little while later he came and told us that the line from the street to the house was all twisted up in my tree!


It used to be strung very nicely and neatly through the tree branches, but then that bad ol’Matthew came and with his high winds whipped the tree around and twisted the wire!!


So the cable man put in an order for a maintenance crew to come out and replace the wire – at least another 24 hours!!

51ihrqpxx6lMom is taking it in stride, although she said she’s watched so many dvds of Murder She Wrote that she’s dreaming she’s Jessica Fletcher!!


One of these days, we’ll be back online!!! So we’ll see you then!!! Love to all!