Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

It’s Friday Fill-in time!! Here’s our answers to some spooky questions!

One Halloween, I dressed as (MerryBelle) this is my first Halloween maybe – I’m not sure how old I am. But mom said she dressed up as a gypsy when she was younger. She said it was in the days when you made your own costumes from what was in your mom’s closet!!1021-a

2. My favorite comedian is (PeggySue) myself, really. I crack myself up sometimes! Mom laughs a lot at me too.1021-b

3. My scariest Halloween was (Toby) never. Mom and I don’t do scary.  1021-c

4. (Toby) Anything yummy I can get my paws on is my favorite Halloween treat. Mom’s favorite Halloween treat is Chocolate!!




7 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, I love how you took turns answering. I don’t do scary either, just the fun stuff. And I am with your Mom , chocolate is the best 🙂 Have a great weekend and I hope you get your internet back, and they better credit your account for all the days you had to be without.


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