Memory Tuxie Tuesday

008BobbieSue here – since today is Tuxie Tuesday – at least it is when I can wrest control of the blog from Toby – I thought I’d bring you three tuxies that have gone on to the Bridge. I’m sorry if I’ve shared them before – I forget what day it is sometimes so sharing the same photo twice is nothing new!!

tom-cFirst up, one of two tuxies that are like me, wearing the classic black tuxedo. My auntie’s boy Tom (poor baby, poor auntie, a bad ol’ water moccasin took him away from us way to soon).

molly1Next, Molly, Granmama’s girl who lived a long and happy life after being rescued by mom (she was born to a stray in mom’s backyard).

thursday-2And last, is a tuxie who liked to be different. Thursday wears a grey tuxedo. She lived with Granmama, too, and was nicknamed ‘Granny Grump’  because she was so grumpy all the time. She came to Granmama by way of my human cousin’s childhood friend’s family. They wanted to get rid of her for some reason (probably because she was so grumpy) and G graciously took her in. She also lived a long and happy/grumpy life.

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you tomorrow – or at least Toby will. Who knows when I’ll show up again!!!



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