Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

173 It’s Tuxie Tuesday! and I get the whole blog to myself today!!! In case you don’t recognize me, I’m PeggySue. My big sisfur, BobbieSue and I look a lot alike so it’s easy to make a mistake. Plus the photo is really dark.

165 I was busy taking a bath the other day, just minding my own business when who should intrude?

171 Mom, of course! She let me sniff her hand before petting me – she says I’m really ‘pawsy’ meaning I love to touch and hold stuff with my paws. If she doesn’t let me sniff first and maybe take a lick, I’ll grab her with my paws – claws and all. She has more than one scratch to prove my love for her!! But I also like to bite!

172 Yep! I couldn’t resist a big juicy finger to chomp down on!! I don’t bite too hard and even though mom’s tried to get me to stop I refuse to! Although, I do bite her less than when I first moved in – she says that’s progress!!! Doesn’t she know she just tastes good and that’s my way of kissing her? I don’t understand these humans – or, humans just don’t understand felines!!!

tuxie-tuesday Thanks for stopping by!! Toby’ll be back tomorrow! (Although if he calls in sick, I can be here in a flash!) Love to you all,



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