We’re having Thanksgiving Early!!

023 Guess what?! Oh, you’ve already guessed by the title of the post. We’re having Thanksgiving next Sunday!!! That means turkey!!

024 Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re having Thanksgiving early. It’s because my mom’s nephew, my human cousin, Matt, is coming into town! It’s the first time he’s been home in FOUR LONG YEARS!! He lives in California with my furcousin, Tripp. Tripp won’t be coming home – he’ll stay in Cali with Matt’s girlfriend. But we are so glad to be seeing him! Mom and I miss Matt a lot!

022 So I’m not sure how much posting mom will get done after Wednesday since Matt’s due to fly in on Thursday, visiting as much as possible on Friday and Saturday, and we’re having the big meal on Sunday; so if you don’t see us after Wednesday, please don’t worry too much. Mom will try to schedule some posts, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, we’re doing the happy dance around here!!happy dance


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