Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

162  Hey, folks!!!!! I hope you are having a very happy Thanksgiving Eve!! Got those turkeys defrosted? If you need help eating them, let me know and I’ll be over tomorrow!!

005 Mom had a wonderful time with her nephew, Matt. He flew in from California for the weekend and they had Thanksgiving early!!!! He’s pictured with my cousin Buddy. Buddy had a vet appointment the afternoon Matt flew in so when mom got to Granmama’s house, my Auntie, Matt and Mom all decided to go to the vet with him! Mom had some more pictures of the visit but somehow they got deleted from her phone. She’s very perplexed as to how that happened! We’re just glad she saved one!!

020 This is the yummy turkey they had – and I had some last night and it was the bestest ever!!!! Enjoy your day and don’t work too hard watching your humans prepare all that yummy food. Just make sure you’re on stand-by for anything that drops to the floor!

164 Me, in a turkey coma!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!




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