Friday fill-in Time!!!!

pb day It’s Friday Fill-in Time and I’m sooo happy!!!
1. The highlight of my Christmas was  all the presents I received from Miss Ellen and her kitties (especially Penny) and from our Secret Paws, Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal!!! These were especially appreciated because mom didn’t get me ANYTHING.

2. My New Year’s resolution is to get mom to take me OUTSIDE more often.shape-toby-c
3. This year, 2016, was kind of sad – we lost LadyBird right before last Christmas (in 2015, but it still counts) but was also happy (sort of-the jury’s still out) because we gained PeggySue and MerryBelle.

4.  Next year, 2017, will be a GREAT year! I can FEEL  it.



ellen_cat_badge_2-1  Go here for more Fill-In fun!!

Getting to know mom better!!

blogheader We were nominated for the Liebster award!!  by Jeanne Foguth’s Blog!!! It’s all about getting to know bloggers better! Thanks Jeanne!!!! You’re the coolest!!! We’re going to let mom answer these questions, but I’ll be back tomorrow!008


The rules are:

1. Thank the person what nominated you. Done!!!

2. Answer 11 questions. Answer’s below!

3. Compose 11 questions. Following the answers!

4. Nominate and notify new blogs. It’s so hard to choose from so many wonderful blogs. How about I post the questions and you can answer if you want to?!

5. Post the Award Badge and Rules. Done!!

Here are Jeanne’s questions (with my answers in color)

1. Do you have interests that keep you busy, but that you don’t blog about? I have 4 other blogs plus a shared one and you would think that would cover my interests, but they don’t! However, I have to balance blogging versus other stuff otherwise blogging would easily take over my life.

2. Be Honest: Do you read long posts from beginning to end? Or do you quickly skim through the post, scroll to the end and hit the Like button? Depending on the day and time I have, I generally save the extra long posts and go back to them – sometimes weeks later! — It’s okay if you want to skip this long post and just hit like!!! I don’t mind!!!

3. Do you prefer to read the book or watch the movie? If I read the book and love it I won’t watch the movie for fear of being disappointed. If I’ve watched the movie then I will definitely read the book. The only case where I’ve found the book and movie are equally good is To Kill a Mockingbird and the Harry Potter saga. I have both read the books and watched the movies multiple, multiple times.

4. When making decisions, do you go by gut feeling or reason?  I pray, think on it, pray some more, listen to my heart, listen to reason, and eventually come to a decision. I am not a snap decision maker.

5. Do you still send hand-written letters or cards, or do you send emails and whatsapp?  I do both depending on if I have someone’s mailing address or email.mail-copy

6. If you could go on a time travel for the day, to where and when would you go? I can’t imagine living in any other time. I am where I am meant to be and I’m okay with it.

7. Do you know any poems by heart? No, not really. I do know Psalm 23, a few nursery rhymes, and a few quotes.

8. Which conspiracy theory do you like best or think is weirdest? I don’t pay any attention to conspiracy theories – it’s a waste of brain time for me.the-creepiest-conspiracy-theories

9. Imagine there’s suddenly no power for 3 months. Would you be prepared? No electricity? Been there, done that. 3 months is a long time but I’d muddle through.garf-power

10. What’s your favorite Music and Movie Genre? Music – classic rock, classic country, and classical. Movie – drama, clean humor (as opposed to raunchy humor), adventure 

11. Are you a night owl or are you up with the lark? A night owl with a lark job. I don’t sleep much. download


Here are my questions should you choose to answer them!

  1. Do you go to the public library or purchase the books you want to read?
  2. If you purchase books, do you go to a mega-book store, a locally-owned bookstore, or on-line?
  3. How many books do you read in a year (on average) Include audio books!
  4. Do you rent, borrow or purchase the movies you watch at home?
  5. Pets? What type and how many?
  6. Your favorite color? Your least favorite color?
  7. The best day of the week is ______.
  8. Your favorite quote is _____.
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. What does your dream house look like?
  11. What type of dream car would you like to own?

That’s it – now I’m turning the blog back over to the kitties. They’ll be back tomorrow for Friday Fill-ins!!!!

054 Thanks mom; but I’m busy right now. Maybe later.



Secret Paws Time!!

2016-secret-paws-badge  It’s time to reveal who our Secret Paws are!! All the way from Washington State, a very handsome cat named Charlemagne and his buddies, Tamar and Mal!! What great gifters these kitties (and their humans) are!!! What did we get??? Well. Here. We. Go!!!!!

057 Very cool ASPCA wrapping paper!!!

058 Simon is first to check it out!!


059 What could this be? I have to work for my treats now?


060 Simon’s checking out the crabby toy that runs along the floor by itself. Can’t wait to attack it!


061 I smell treats!!! 


062 Lots of treats!!


063 Here comes BobbieSue to join in!


064 How did you say I get the treats out of this mouse? 


065 I’m supposed to push it around until the treats fall out?

067 Between BobbieSue and I we figured it out and had that mouse emptied in a very short time!!


066 Two boxes of wonderful toys!!! Plus a mouse that runs on its own!!! Mom’s going to have lots of fun wrangling them on vacuuming day!!!


163 Whew! I’m exhausted after all that excitement!


thank-you-cat-lick Thank you so much Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal. You are so generous and kind to give us such wonderful gifts!! A special thank you note will be on the way to you the old fashioned way very soon!! All of us here at my (Toby’s) Wrecking Crew wish you a happy and healthy new year!!



Christmas Presents!

009We had two presents under the tree this year to unwrap. We have our Secret Santa which I will tell you about tomorrow and we had presents from Miss Ellen (!!  We LOVE Miss Ellen! 


1227b First off, PeggySue got into the package before anybody else did and not only did she mix up some tags but she made off with some of the more ‘fragrant’ presents!!


1227c Here’s the loot! So many wonderful things!!!! We can’t wait to play with the treat ball!!!


1227d PeggySue loved her pretty metallic fish.


1227e BobbieSue says “Thank you” to Millie for the gorgeous silver sparkle mouse. She ran off with it right away and mom had to chase after her to get this picture. She also says thank you for MerryBelle for her catnip toy as well (which, if you remember the small Santa Hat cave? MerryBelle is the right size and she loves it. Now if mom can just get a photo of her in it!)


1227f Simon says “Thank you” to Joanie for his present – but PeggySue mixed up the labels so he’s not sure if it was the stocking or the blue candy but he loves them both!!!


1227g  And I want to say “Thank you” to my Lady Love Penny for my wonderful stuffed moose!!! This isn’t a good photo of it but I will get another one tonight to show how wonderful he is. Mom already told me I can’t tear him up ’cause he’s too cute. 


1227h Miss Ellen sent me some socks, too! What? They’re not my socks? But they have kitties and books on them – OHHHH! They’re moms’! Well they are a little big for me. I guess mom can have them.

1227i Mom says “Thank you” to Miss Ellen for her socks and all out presents. We love you!!!

Tomorrow we’ll share our goodies from our Secret Paw!!! 2016-secret-paws-badge