Buddy’s trip to the vet

My cousin, Buddy went to the vet the other day. It was a family affair – my human cousin, Matt was in town for a few days, so the whole family went to the vet with Buddy! (I won’t mention how mom and Auntie abandoned Granmama, Matt, and Buddy at the vet to go shopping next door at the Goodwill. Oops! Did I let that slip?)

vet-a I’m not getting in that car!

vet-b Hold on to me, Matt! I’m scared!

vet-c Wait! I have to make my mark like the rest of the dogs!

vet-d Don’t weigh me!vet-g That does not say 83.9 pounds!

vet-h NOOOOOOO! Don’t take me away!!!!

022Seriously Buddy, get a grip. You came home with some medicine for your upset tummy and all is fine!! Dogs!!!

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