Hey, Simon, my forehead needs cleaning. Would you mind?bro-a


Seriously, Toby? What did you get into?bro-b

Ohhhh, that feels soooo good, big bro.bro-c



I don’t know, baby bro, whatever it is it tastes really bad.bro-d

Oh, please, do more! Com’on, big bro!

Toby, I’m busy. Get off me!bro-e

Oh, that’s it, right behind the ears. Mmmmmm…bro-f



Your head’s not really dirty is it? You’re such a scammer.

I’m so ashamed. Happy but ashamed.bro-g

Stay tuned for another episode for Brothers-in-Tongues. Maybe. If Simon agrees to supply his tongue, I’ll supply the ears.


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