Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

I’m liking this perch – BobbieSue is usually up here, but I think she’s softening on me a bit and not running me off.047

Oops! Here she comes! I better scram!!! 049

Here’s a recent picture of MerryBelle. She’s a tabby tuxie so she counts for Tusie Tuesday! She’s really weird – she sleeps on mom’s bed but won’t let mom touch her. Maybe one day she’ll learn to love the kind touch of mom.mb-a


Before we go, we want to say a fond farewell to our friend, Fiona, over at The Cat on My Head. She went to the Rainbow Bridge last Thursday after a long and valiant battle with CKD. We will miss her beautiful grey face. (Grey cats have been a long time favorite of mom’s family.)


7 thoughts on “Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

  1. We were very sad about Fiona. You all look wonderful. I hope MerryBelle warms up to you. I have had Snowball for over 3 years and still can’t touch her, but she will meow at me when she is hungry.


  2. It’s strange how cats reconcile their wants and fears (wanting to be close, but not touched; Bear will tear across the house when I call him … but he’ll remember himself about three feet away and stop on a dime … then pretend he has to lick himself and look out the window … before he’ll acknowledge me).


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