Friday Fill-In Time!!

Before I do Fill-in’s here’s why I was booted to the floor the other day – mom was using a toaster oven to melt crayons!1209a

She let me have one sniff and then on the floor!! I really didn’t mind – that oven was hot and those crayons stank!!!1209b


Now for the Fill-ins!!! Mom answered the questions this week!!

1. I love the following Christmas film(s) The Christmas Story, Elf and The Bishop’s Wife – the one with Cary Grant.1209c


2. I don’t care for the following Christmas film(s) that are romantic (like the ones they show on the Hallmark Channel), crude (Bad Santa), show people being mean to each other (Jingle All the Way) and the like.1209d


3. At the holidays, I cannot resist Little Debbie Cherry Cordials. They only come out at Christmas and at very few stores. When I see them I buy them all and put them in the freezer.1209e

4. A favourite holiday memory of mine is  reading Auntie Claus to my nephews and spending the night on my sister’s sofa every Christmas Eve when they were still in school.reincat

We’ll see you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!




10 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In Time!!

  1. Oh I bet that wax was stinky AND hot so it’s good you “abandoned ship” and got off the counter! As for the reincat – it’s just one of those little indignities we suffer thanks to the weird sense of humor our humans have making us look SILLY !!!!!!!

    Love, Angel Sammy


  2. Now why is your mommy meltin’ colors? Dat’s strange fur sure. MOL Mommys favorite Christmas story is Da little drummer boy. She has VHS and DVD’s of it. Our favorite Christmas story is mommy tellin’ us ’bout Jesus birth. Well least it’s mes fave, but it’ll be Raena’s fave too. MOL You both be lookin’ mighty handsum. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


    • If you go to you can use there snack finder and it will tell you which stores sell your fav snack!! That’s how we know the only stores that sell cherry cordials are way on the other side of town!!


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