Selfie time!!!

Hey folks! It’s selfie time again and I have some more guests! First, I have to ask mom when are we going to watch something besides Murder She Wrote? Aren’t there any good cat movies around? Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  Rhubarb?–heck–I’ll even suffer through a Grumpy Cat movie rather that watch Jessica Fletcher solve another mystery!1211a-selfie


Granmama went to a holiday event that had a petting zoo. Here’s some cute goats!1211b

Here’s a cousin of Smoke & Joe, but he doesn’t know anything about taking a selfie. Hey, Mr. Donkey! Look into the camera next time!!1211c


Now this guy knows what taking a selfie is all about! Look at that smile! That focus! That eye contact! Good job, Mr. Alpaca!!!1211d

catonmyhead2-200x300 Click on over for more selfies!

9 thoughts on “Selfie time!!!

  1. MOL Dat alpaca Toby, MOL We luv your selfie handsum. And altho’ we’re not sufferin’ thru your debocal, we have one of our own. Mommys and their teevee. MOL We luvved your Santa letter by da way. Big hugs to you all. We’re also sendin’ lots of purrayers. Ya’ll have been on our hearts a lot lately.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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