What’s that on your butt, Toby?

Mom asked me, “What’s that on your butt, Toby?”1221a

I said, “Mom, leave me alone – I’m in heaven here making biscuits on your tummy.”

She said, snickering,  “Seriously–you have something on your butt.”1221b


“What! Really? How long has that postcard been taped to my butt?”

“At least 20 minutes or more.”

“You mean I’ve been walking around the house with a POSTCARD TAPED TO MY BUTT?”

“I’m sorry, but yes. It was just too funny to tell you! And besides, I wanted to get photos of you!



“You know, Mom, sometimes you can be so mean.”1221d


2016-secret-paws-badgeOn another note, I wanted let our Secret Paws giver know we received their gift! Yippee!! Mom won’t let me open it until Christmas morning so I don’t know who to thank yet – but you know who are – so thank you in advance!!!!

177Here it is behind our pink tree. In front is a present from my Lady Love, Penny. What? It’s not all mine? I have to share? Bummer. Anyway, I can’t wait till Christmas morning!!!!!

Love you all, Tobyclip-art-christmas-tree-outline-christmas-tree-clip-art-free-to-use-public-domain-christmas-tree-clip-art-page-3-pictures


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