Don’t mess with our boxes!

I like this box! It’s nice and roomy.041

What? You pack Christmas stuff in it? Well, it’s not time to pack Christmas away yet – so leave me alone!! I’ll let you have it back after 12th Night.044

Here’s my Cousin Jack. His mom got him an extra nice box from I wonder why mom doesn’t get me one?033

A toby-in-the-box Production


6 thoughts on “Don’t mess with our boxes!

  1. I never did understand why my Mom objected to me occupying a “decorations box”…….there are DAYS and DAYS after the box’s contents get put on the tree or around the house and that box HAS to be lonely so I always felt it was my duty to keep it company! Is that so hard for our humans to understand? They try to take those boxes back WAY before it’s time to! Darn!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy


  2. Boxes are just the best no matter what they are used for or where they come from. They make great sleeping and playing places. We hope you get your very own box to keep for Christmas. Close your eyes and wish hard for that box. Hugs and nose kisses


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