Box or Bag



Or Bag?? Looks like the bag full of soft old clothes won out!!!0130b


What, Mom? You say I’m tangled up with the handle? And you have to move me to make sure I don’t clothesline myself when I get out? Well, alright, just do it before I fall asleep. I don’t want my beauty sleep disturbed!0130c


cat-in-the-bagNo Toby was harmed in the making of this production. He was safely disentangled and left to sleep until supper time.

Friendly Friday Fill-ins and Caturday Art!!

I’m doing two posts in one today!! Fill-in answers with Caturday Art! Mom got carried away when she was typing my answers!! I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Love, Toby

1. I have seen nothing on Broadway. And neither has mom. But Granmama has seen Phantom of the Opera!phamtom.jpg

2. My Chinese zodiac sign is Dog!! Can you even believe that? I’m a dog!!! Mom is a boar. She would prefer to be a fish (Pisces).year-of-dog

3. Celebrities lives’ make no difference to me. I don’t care what they eat, drink, wear, date, etc., etc., etc. They’re just folks like mom and the rest of the humans. celebrity

4. A Satur- or Sun- day is the best day(s) of the week because I get to spend more time with mom than any other day – that is when she’s not holding PeggySue.007

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The Way Kitties Relax

Here is a photo expose’ on different way kitties relax…please ignore the background – mom was in the middle of her crayon project with crap everywhere. It’s all cleaned up now!  0126a

First there’s Jack, who was chillin’ after helping his mom put up the Christmas tree. It was exhausting work obviously!0126b

Then here’s Jack again sleeping in his dad’s chair – which he only does after his dad goes to bed. Jack’s dad doesn’t like him in his chair. It’s a male territorial thing I guess.0126c-bad-boy-jack

Here’s crazy Simon, all crammed up inside a box. Can’t blame him though; if he wasn’t there it would be me!008

Okay, all this relaxing talk has made me sleepy. I’ll see you tomorrow for Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!!0126d