Toby versus the bag!

Folks, I had a terrible experience the other day. Mom had folded up the tissue paper from this years presents, folded the bags and boxes and put them all in another bag to go in the Christmas Closet. Well, you know that bag was calling my name. So, when her back was turned I tried to get into the bag. But it was full and I couldn’t fit so I tried to get my head out. Can you guess what happened?048

That’s right the bag handle was around my neck. I tried to get out – I stayed calm – due to personal experience before I know I MUST NOT PANIC!!! But I couldn’t figure out how to get my head out.049

So I asked for help. “MOM! Will you PLEASE put the camera down and GET THIS BAG OFF MY NECK!!!!!” 050

Whew! That was a near disaster! Mom just laughed at me. She said she was watching me and wouldn’t let anything happen to me. But, seriously folks, I wonder about her sometimes!080