Friday Fill-in time!!!

1010-c1. I have seen nobody play in concert. But  mom’s seen The Osmonds, Barry Manilow, ELO, Jon Bon Jovi, Mannheim Steamroller, and the Rolling Stones.

0022. I would like to attend a  no concert. But mom would like to see U2 and Trans Siberian Orchestra.
030416b3. In the dead of Winter, I like to snuggle really close to mom at night. And in the day. And while she’s watching TV. And while she’s working on the computer. Pretty much anytime she’s sitting or lying down!

101_2681-bw4. The main ringer on my cell phone is —What’s a phone? Oh – that thing mom uses to take photos with? And talk into? Mom says its an Apple ring tone called ‘night owl’.

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