Box time

MMMMmmm….box sleep….there’s nothing like it.0112a


Love me some box bathin’, too!0112c0112d0112e

Did you say something, mom?0112f


You’re going to move me? Not for long, just to get to the crayons underneath you. Open up that bag of treats you’re hiding and I’ll move. Blackmail? Moi? Never! I just know a good deal when I see one. You have me wrapped around your paw, don’t you? You better believe it!0112g



9 thoughts on “Box time

  1. We have always had cats, and they all have loved boxes, but now our cat Kosmo, he just don´t care of boxes, he is not interested. I don´t understand him, and I don´t know his past, he was an adult cat when he walked in to uor house. Maybe the solution is there.
    These photos open so many memories in my mind, box castles, favourite boxes, so many boxes…


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