The Way Kitties Relax

Here is a photo expose’ on different way kitties relax…please ignore the background – mom was in the middle of her crayon project with crap everywhere. It’s all cleaned up now!  0126a

First there’s Jack, who was chillin’ after helping his mom put up the Christmas tree. It was exhausting work obviously!0126b

Then here’s Jack again sleeping in his dad’s chair – which he only does after his dad goes to bed. Jack’s dad doesn’t like him in his chair. It’s a male territorial thing I guess.0126c-bad-boy-jack

Here’s crazy Simon, all crammed up inside a box. Can’t blame him though; if he wasn’t there it would be me!008

Okay, all this relaxing talk has made me sleepy. I’ll see you tomorrow for Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!!0126d