Tuxie Tuesday: PeggySue and the tree

Since when are trees pink?0124a-2

What’s this on the tree?0124b

I think I need to move the tree closer.0124c

There it is, I’ve got it!0124d

I’m going to chomp down hard whatever this is!0124e

Hey! its a green pickle from Miss Ellen!0124f

Smells kind of good. Cat nip, maybe?0124g

I wonder if it will come off the tree?0124h

Nope. But I wonder if the tree tastes like cat nip?0124i

Yechhh! That’s nasty! Stupid tree.0124j

PeggySue did remove the pickle from the tree. I haven’t seen it since. 


Simon Says: Again???


Last week it was popcorn! This week it’s blackbirds! What in the world is going on here?!?

Oh, It’s National Pie Day?


So mom thought she would get cute and do me in the pie surrounded by blackbirds. What am I, the pie-vent?



Sunday Selfies with guests!

The first selfie is my cousin Moose who lives with Granmama. He’s more interested in his food than in taking a selfie.selfie-0122


My second guest is my cousin Jack who lives with my Auntie and Uncle. He woke up from his nap long enough to snap a selfie. He was tired after helping him mom put away the Christmas decorations.selfie-0122b

And here’s my selfie. You can see it had been one of those days.  And yes, mom still has both Christmas trees up. The decorations are packed away but she likes the colorful trees.selfie-0122c


catonmyhead2-200x300 Thanks Kitty’s Blue for hosting!!!