Friendly Friday Fill-in Time!!!

Let’s do those Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!! Mom wants to do them with me. My answers are in PURPLE and Mom’s are in RED.

  1. My middle name is I don’t have a middle name. My nick name is Bobo, so maybe I can use that instead!  My middle name is Deborah. It was my first name but I changed it. My middle name was Ann but I morphed that into my last name. Just a little switcharoo!012
  1. I don’t like surprises – they freak me out; I love to be surprised!011
  1. The Super Bowl is always near my birthday! I was born on Super Bowl Sunday in 2006!!! I will be 11 years old this year!!  What Toby said. The only significance of the Super Bowl to me is Toby’s birthday is February 6. party-badge-2This is my badge from last year’s party. Mom says no party this year but maybe next year. If you missed my big party last year, click on the badge and the magic of computers will take you there!!
  2. My favorite sport is  napping and destroying mom’s furniture. I don’t do sports. Never have, even in school. Hated gym class. 014


Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you for Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies! See ya later alligator!!!!

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