Phoebe’s Traveling Sunglasses Finally Arrived!!

We’ve been waiting since last summer for Phoebe’s Traveling Sunglasses!!

050 Don’t I look good in these shades?

063 Simon freaked out a bit!

052 Mom! Would you straighten these out for me?

066 Simon ended up wearing them on his neck!!!

069 BobbieSue wouldn’t let them anywhere near her head!!! She just sniffed them – barely!

079 PeggySue looks good in the shades!!

0206g PeggySue tried to chew them but I wouldn’t let her!

0206h Phoebe included catnip fish with the glasses – one for each family!! PeggySue said that was worth wearing the glasses!!

0206i Catnip fish are yummy!!

Thanks, Phoebe!! for all the fun we had! They’ll be in the mail tomorrow for the next recipient!! I hope you have fun with them!!!