Friendly Friday Fill-In time!!!

It’s time to fill-in those statements!!! My answers are in RED. Mom’s answers are in PURPLE!

1. Snow is beautiful as long as I don’t have to go to work…is pretty and I thought I would like it but it is too COLD!image
2. My favorite kind of soup is chili! …I don’t eat soup but I think I might like  something that has tuna in it.002
3. When no one is around, I do whatever I want… I do pretty much the same thing as I do when people are around – except sleep more.164

4. Not having to work is my pie-in-the-sky dreamPenny is my sweetest sweetheart and I love her so very, very, very much!

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ellen_cat_badge_2-1  Go here for more Fill-in fun!!!

7 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill-In time!!!

  1. You are such a romantic boy Toby, Penny is a lucky girl. You probably are going to be mad that Phoebe is taking bets on when Penny will pee in her box 🙂 You look extra adorable in that sweater. Thank you and your Mom for those great answers. I wish your Mom would win the lottery so she could be home with you all the time- tell her to get a Powerball ticket, it is a big jackpot. I don’t often buy tickets, but I do when it is that high- I am an optimist.XO

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