Wuxie Wednesday – What has our tuxies so captivated???

It’s Wuxie Wednesday – Monday holidays always throw off our schedule so instead of Tuxie Tuesday we’re having Wuxie Wednesday this week! So, can you guess what new ‘thing’ mom brought home?

0222f What did you bring home, mom?

0222g Get off my stool, PeggySue!

0222h Alright, we can look at it together.

0222i Even Simon is captivated.

0222e I had to get Toby to check it out!

0222a Let me get on top to get a different perspective!

0222c Hmm, I here some familiar noise under that towel.

0222b Let me look under the towel–OH!–how fun!!!

0222d Did YOU guess what ‘it’ is? You’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!!!!