Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

Mom and I are sharing the fill-ins again!! My answers are in RED and mom’s are in PURPLE – it was the other way around last week!

1.I wish free roaming cats  would come back in style. I wish bringing pets to work  would come back in into style at my work0215c

2. I always have nuthin’ in my wallet ‘cos I don’t have a wallet!! I always have mints in my purse because my mouth gets so dry!!!164

3. I think that I am the most handsome orange/ginger mancat around. I think that I would like to drive a racecar just once (or maybe twice).toby-loc

4. An empty food dish is a pet peeve of mine. People who smack & pop their gum is a pet peeve of mine. If I wanted to sit/stand next to a cow I’d visit a farm!012

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