Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!!

It’s Friday again!! Yay!!! that means more cuddle time with mom!!!

Mom and I will be answering today – my answers in orange, mom’s are in blue!

0313a1. The first thing I think about in the morning is when will mom wake up. Of course, I help her wake up if she needs it. For me the first thing I think every morning is “Thank you, God, for this day.” I am working on being more grateful for my life as it is right now–not what I wish it was.

2. The last thing I think about before sleep is how much I love my mom. The last thing I think before I sleep is, “Thank you, God, for this day.” I’m also working on being thankful for each day regardless of what happened. Some days it’s harder to be thankful than others. 🙂 


3. I am looking forward to getting this A-to-Z Blogging Challenge going! I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday and a wonderful family brunch!!


0226c4. I am so pleased mom brought home some new entertainment. I could watch Mabel and Matilda for hours.  Wait! I do that already! I am so pleased Mabel and Matilda are a part of the family and they have settled in very well and are not freaking out nearly as much with feline eyes staring at them all the time!!

So tomorrow begins A-to-Z!! Topic: Amazing, Brave, Cute, Dapper, Extraordinary, Fantastic, Great, Heroic, Incredible, Jolting , Keen, Lofty, Marvelous, Noteworthy, Out-of-the-Ordinary, Phenomenal, Quick, Remarkable, Surprising, Thrilling, Unbelievable, Vast, Wonderful, X-tra special, Yowza, Zippy pets!!!!

2017 a to z badgeI hope you like the posts!!!!

ellen_cat_badge_2-1 go HERE for more Friday Fill-in Fun!!


Look who is visiting my Auntie!

0329aLook who my Auntie is baby-dog-sitting this week!!


0329bA little dog named Boo!! Isn’t he cute? Even I have to admit he’s adorable. Trouble is mom wants jump in the car and drive to North Carolina and dog-nap him!!! I don’t think Auntie would like that (neither would Boo’s daddy). I may have to hide her car-keys!!

Hang in there, Mom!! We’ll get another little bow-wow when it’s time!!!!

A to Z Theme Reveal!

0328eI think I was supposed to do my theme reveal last week but since the folks in charge of the whole shebang changed it and we don’t agree with the changes they’ve made, we’ve just decided to do it on our own!! As a result mom isn’t keeping up with the dates or their emails.


0328dWe thought and thought and thought…we had such fun last year with the presidential pets, we definitely wanted to do pets again. 


0328aSo I thought why not super-duper-special pets!! Now, we know ALL pets are special. But the pets we’re going to talk about have some sort of notoriety like having gone down in the annals of history or won awards or been in newspapers, or TV and the like. 


0328bThere were a lot to chose from so we only chose a few for each letter. And because we’re not on Twitter at all or FaceBook hardly ever, no currently famous animals were chosen. We went with ones who have faded from the limelight and deserve to be remembered!


0328c So while I catch up on my Zzzzz’s before the April Madness begins, check out our Bibliography Page Here so you can get a hint of what we’ll be sharing!!

I hope you’ll tune in!!!

A2Z-BADGE-150 [2017]

Happy Monday!

0327a Today I am wishing mom was home so I could go outside.


0327bMaybe I should be looking out the front window instead of the back.


0327cWhere are you, mom? It’s a nice day outside!!


0327dOh, well. I guess she’s at work. 


0327eShe better not be outside without me!! Otherwise I’ll have to swipe her when she gets home!