MerryBelle meets M&M!

imageimage We don’t have fill-ins today for you because mom didn’t go to the library  and she is doing this post by phone. Technology is so cool!!

Instead we have a picture of MerryBelle looking at Mable and Matilda for the first time. She really wants to get closer but she is scared.

Unfortunately mom doesn’t have this whole posting by phone thing down so the photos are not in the right order with my words. Bah! Technology!

The other photo is of a very pretty cupcake my grandmama brought my mom for her birthday yesterday    to hold her over until her party tonight. It’s very pretty and it was good to see Grandmama again. PeggySue even came out of hiding to say hi.

See you tomorrow!! Love Toby & the Crew!!🐱❤️😍