Bird Watching Friday Fill-Ins!

Friday Fill-In Time!!!!  My answers are in Orange and BobbieSue’s are in Blue!

0310a1. I hope Bird TV gets renewed for another season. Don’t worry – I’m sure it will!


0310b2. My first crush was  and still is Millie. Mine is Penny.


0310c3. Mable & Matilda eating usually makes me batcr*p crazy. I just wish I could get to them.  Their constant chatter usually makes me sleepy. You’re weird, Toby.


0310d4. If I were a super-hero, I would be Bird-Girl and I’d be an Anti-Super-Hero and I would be able to fly and chase birds and eat them! and harass them and… Enough, BobbieSue! It’s my turn. If I were a super-hero I would be SupermanCat and I would fly up to my sweet Penny and bring her back here to live with me and we could watch Bird TV together.


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