Tuxie Tuesday with BobbieSue and MerryBelle

Yes, I am still obsessed with Mable and Matilda. As soon as mom uncovers the cage in the morning, I’m right there staring into the cage. If she didn’t shoo me out of the room when she leaves for the day I’d be staring at them all day, too. When she comes home from work and opens the door, I’m right there checking in on the birdies. I take a quick break for dinner and then I’m right back at it. Toby acts like he doesn’t care anymore and Simon doesn’t give them any thought at all. But not me. I am obsessed with them. 0314a


MerryBelle is almost as obsessed as me but she’s still shy around mom so as long as mom isn’t looking, she’s staring with me!0314b


MerryBelle looks like she’s telling mom, “Turn around so I can watch the birdies!”0314c


kitten in box of clover