Sleeping with the finches

The constant chatter of the birdies makes me sleepy {yawn} but I’ve got some good photos of them so I wanted to share them.074


This is a good picture of Mabel – in the back. You can see she doesn’t have any tail feathers. She can fly short distances (we’re talking inches) but not as high as Matilda.0321 mable


And this one is a good one of Matilda – in front with the tail feathers. Mom’s got a magazine on top of their cage so when one of us jumps on the top the birdies don’t have a heart attack!0321 matilda


Alright, I’m done. Going to sleep now zzzzzzzzz………075



8 thoughts on “Sleeping with the finches

  1. “The girls” look perfectly happy in their cage……….They do talk all the time – I know I told you my Mom had a pair of zebra finches for several years and sometimes had to put the cover on their cages just to get some PEACE AND QUIET during the day. They were always covered up at night though. I hope you had a good nap………..!

    Love, Angel Sam and Ted


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