A to Z Challenge Begins!!!

First up in our A to Z lessons in Extra-Special, Extra-Ordinary animals is the Algonquin Hotel. Now, I know what you’re thinking – the Algonquin is not an animal – and you’re right! It’s a famous hotel located in the theater district of New York City. Now, you might be asking, ‘what’s so special about the Algonquin?’.

Did you know that the hotel has had a cat in residence since the early 1930’s? The first cat adopted by the hotel was Rusty, who was left without a home when the Broadway show he was in closed. Since then, there have been 3 different Matildas (including the current one) and 7 different Hamlets. The current Matilda has the run of the hotel and her own special caretaker. She enjoys riding the elevator and visiting around the lobby. If you stay at the Algonquin, you can even ask for the “Matilda Package” which includes a one-on-one meeting with the grand ladycat herself, a stuffed toy Matilda, and cards with her pawtograph on them. Sounds fun! I want to go there!!!

Here is the lovely Matilda. 0401 matilda algonquin cat

She has her own email address: matildaalgonquincat@algonquinhotel.com

Since it’s also Caturday Art day – I thought I’d spend the night at the Algonquin with Matilda – Don’t worry, Penny, we’re just acquaintances!matilda and toby

Tomorrow is Sunday Selfies and then A to Z continues on Monday with “B”! See you next time!!