Sunday Selfies with guests!

Mom forgot to let us take our selfies this week so instead I have a few guests to show you. Mom met them when she went to PetSmart to get a few things for M&M.061


This is a hamster chowing down. Mom didn’t get what kind he is but he’s cute.016


This hamster was busy running.017


When he saw mom, he ran over to the window to see who she was.018


And then he posed perfectly for a selfie!!!!! I love his bright eyes!020

I asked mom why she didn’t bring one home. She said M&M were excitement and entertainment enough for us! I ignored her for the rest of the night the rest of that minute.

Tomorrow is “B” in the A to Z challenge! – I wonder what we’ll have for you??? See you tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies with guests!

  1. HI, I think I met one of those hamster guys once, not as cute as that one though. She clearly is quite a star and takes a lovely selfie! My peep doesn’t bring pets home any more as I do plenty of that for both of us!
    Purrs, ERin


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