F is for…

Welcome to Finally Friday, Friday Fill-ins, and very apropos, it’s “F” Day!!! Today F for Feedback, Fang and Finder

First up is Feedback started working at radio station WJCO in Jackson, Michigan in 1988. He was adopted from the humane society when he was a 6-month-old kitten and went straight to work as a mouser. Since the radio station was surrounded by cornfields – and where you find corn, you find mice – the station had major issues with chewed wiring and droppings everywhere. He had a never-ending feast of mice, occasionally dropped in on the on-air DJs to say hello and enjoyed fans from Arizona, California and New Jersey. I looked and looked for a photo of him but wasn’t able to find one. Here’s a representative photo from the internet.catfod-mouse_Full


Next I have Fang, a 20-pound cat that was adopted from the local pound by the Grand Prairie, Texas police department. As a mouser, his job was to hunt down the mice who feasted on the evidence in the property room. He was reportedly very good at his job and soon became the official precinct greeter as well. I looked and looked for a photo and more info on Fang, but had no luck. Again, here’s a representative photo from the internet! xcat-with-mouse.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pDCg05GFnj



The last F is for Finder, or Finder’s Key. Finder is an Equine Actor and has starred in a few films. He is a very smart Thoroughbred, full of energy and loves to work. His owner/trainer first worked with him on the movie Seabiscuit and was so impressed he purchased Finder and continued his actor’s training. Finder can be seen in another movie, The Mask of Zorro as well as on a former weekly television series called Wildfire. But the beautiful horse is known mostly for his role as “Joey” in the 2011 Steven Spielberg film, War Horse. Finder was not intimidated by the loud noises, smoke and dust that make up a war film but he is also not a patient, quiet horse. He is active, energized by people, and according to his trainer/owner always has to be moving. He is “the most challenging animal I’ve worked with because he loves when cameras and people are around.” Go get’em Finder!!!0407 finder c Finder & trainer

0407 finder bFinder with Jeremy Irvine and Steven Spielberg

0407 finder aFinder playing between being ‘on stage’

War-horse-poster We didn’t see this movie because mom is too sensitive when it comes to animals in pain. 


And now for Friday Fill-ins! Mom will be answering today because I’m worn out! I’ll see you all tomorrow for Caturday Art and the letter “G”!

1.I don’t understand why Trump is so popular with some folksSince I can’t stand the man and this is not my blog I won’t expound on the subject.

2. My in case of emergency person is  are my mom, sister, and my nephew, Matt. After the London bombings a few years ago I labeled them as ‘ICE’ because the news broadcasters mentioned it and it seemed like a good idea.

3. There is so much noise. Everywhere you go people are talking on their phones, listening to music or playing noisy games. When I come home from work the first thing I do is lay on my bed and listen to the silence for at least 15 minutes. The only ‘noise’ is coming from my kitties’ purrs!

4. I would be lost without God. Enough said.

11 thoughts on “F is for…

  1. WOW! You worked extra hard on this post. Kitties do make good mousers, so sad there is no photos of these two available. I saw Seabiscuit, but not the others, I am like your Mom and can’t deal with animals in pain. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, nice answers. I am glad you knew about ICE 🙂 I completely agree about noise, there is just too much of it everywhere, silence is so refreshing. Hope you have a nice and quiet weekend. XO

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  2. You are right. People are too plugged in these days. They have DVD players in their cars, They have television on their phones. Heaven forbid if they go into a convenience store or restaurant and don’t see a television playing.

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  3. Jackson, Michigan caught my eye right away. We used to go to MIS in the Irish Hills every year for NASCAR. I have read about Fang. He sounds amazing! I am not sure Trump is popular. I just think that some people are tired of the way things are in the US. Many people got left behind and unfortuantely, they were the Traditional Middle Class who built the country. Trump offered an option. I am someone who appreciates peace & quiet…and cat purrs.


  4. BEST fill-in answers I have seen this week. Agree 110% with all of them. Trump and noise both drive me crazy. And the noise he makes by opening his mouth is the worst! More interesting animals to learn about. Thank you. Hugs, Janet


  5. Until the health authority changed the regulations about animals in stores, our local grocery store has a mouser. He lost his job and the mice got extra active. Cats do a wonderful job with rodents and we are very impressed with Finder! What a great job for a horse!


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