H is for …

Welcome to the next week of Fantastic Pets in the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge!!

Today is the letter H and I have for you only two pets this time – Hungari and Herbie!

Not much is known about Hungari and if truth be told its probably just legend or a rumor, but in March of 933 CE, when King Henry I of England conquered the people known as the Magyars (near Meresburg, Germany), they must have really aggravated him. He supposedly sent a dog with no ears and no tail to be the newly conquered people’s governor or lord. I guess that showed how little respect he had for his new subjects.0410 King_Henry_I_smaller hungariHenry I

  0410 hungariI wonder if this is Hungari? Maybe not since this dog has ears!


One day a stray cat that was eventually named Herbie showed up at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, wet, shivering and hungry. A library took the poor cat in and fed him. He quickly became a fixture around the campus and a library guard built a house for him. After moving into his new home, Herbie never strayed again. Herbie’s house was a miniature of the house President Hoover was born in and in addition to having wall-to-wall carpeting, it was heated to keep Herbie warm and cozy in the winter. While he was never in the Library itself, he generally sat at the entrance waiting to greet the many tourists who came. Herbie was the unofficial mascot to the Library from 1978 to 1997. I tried to find a photo of Herbie but was unable to. I have this photo in my research files, so we’ll just pretend its him.0410 herbie maybe


Tomorrow is “I” day and I may take the day off since its also TuxIe Tuesday!! You’ll just have to waIt and see!!!!

Have a great Monday everybody!!! Love and purrs, Toby