Tuxie Tuesday presents: “I” is for…

imageHey efurrybody!!! Toby saId I could host today’s post because It’s TuxIe Tuesday! BobbIeSue got last Tuesday so I get thIs one!!! Today’s letter is I!! Do you know how hard it is to find a famous and/or outstanding pet with an I-name? Hey! I just remembered mom telling me about a cat that lived next door to her when she was a kid – a big black cat named Inker. Mom said he wasn’t so big but that he was fat and it always amazed her how easily he sailed over the chain link fence that separated the two yards.


Anyway, on to the famous horse, Incitatus! In 40 CE there was a thoroughly mad Roman Emperor named Caligula. Now Caligula was infamous for doing all sorts of dastardly deeds, but the one good thing he did was treat Incitatus with extreme, over-the-top, love and affection. 0411 incitatus b

The marble house he had built for his beloved horse was staffed with 18 servants. He was served oats mixed with gold flakes (the horse not the emperor), wore jeweled collars and purple blankets, and hosted dinners for human guests. 0411 incitatus victor-jean-adam-gaius-caesar-caligula-roman-emperor-with-his-horse-incitatus

One of Caligula’s final acts before he was assassinated (by his own guard, no less!) was to name Incitatus a Senator of Rome. But before the induction ceremony could take place, Caligula was murdered.0411 incitatus

In the end, Incitatus was stripped of all his honors by the next emperor, Claudius, and had to be put down when he broke his leg during a race. 0411 incitatus c


That’s all for “I”! It was great hosting and since April has four Tuesdays, I will get to host again! Thanks Toby for sharing and thank YOU for coming by!!!

Love and purrs, PeggySue



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