Friday FiLL-Ins and “L” is for…

011Happy Friday and L-Day!!

I only have one animal for you today but she’s a big one! Her name is LuLu, the Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig, and she saved her human mom’s life!

One day while on vacation in Pennsylvania Lulu’s mom, JoAnn, had a heart attack. Lulu first went to JoAnn’s side and then forced her way through the doggie door and ran into the street. Lulu was a good pig and never left the yard; but on this day, she went to the middle of the street and stood there until she saw a car. She then laid down on her side but the car went around. The next car went around. A third car stopped and then a fourth and Lulu stood up and headed back to her house. One of the drivers of the stopped cars followed Lulu to let them know she had been in the street. When he knocked on the door, JoAnn cried, “Please call 911.” An ambulance arrived after a few minutes and the paramedics were able to save her life. When they put JoAnn in the ambulance, Lulu tried to go with her but they told her she had to stay home. Soon after, JoAnn was able to join Lulu once again. She was awarded the ASPCA Trooper Award for bravery!0414 lulu

Here’s some interesting facts about Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs (thank you, Wikipedia):

*Considerably smaller than standard American or European farm pigs, they weigh 43 to 136 kg (100 to 300 lb), according to one source, 60 to 100 kg (125 to over 200 lb), with some types bred to be rather more miniature.

*Today, the Vietnamese and German governments have realized that the indigenous Vietnamese pig breed exists only in mountainous Vietnam and Thailand. The Vietnamese government has begun to subsidize local farmers who continue to raise the indigenous pot-bellied pigs because it realizes they are neither as prolific nor as large as other breeds.

*Pot-bellied pigs have been abandoned when owners discover that these pigs actually grow to larger sizes and require more care than they believed. Others are forced to give up pet pigs due to local ordinances.

According to Adam Goldfarb, the director of the Pets At Risk program for the Humane Society of the United States, “Pot-bellied pigs are really emblematic of what happens to an animal when it becomes a popular or fad pet. We saw this in the ’90s when there was the initial pot-bellied pig craze. A lot of people went to buy them because they are so cute when they are little, but then they get big.”

Pot-bellied pig associations recommend adoption from local shelters instead of buying. Others like the Southern California Association for Miniature Pot-bellied Pigs and the California Pot-bellied Pig Association are actively involved in housing abandoned pet pigs. Despite this, shelters often have difficulty in finding new homes for abandoned pigs.

*If you want a pig, Adopt! Don’t Shop!!!

And now, for Friday FiLL-ins!!  My answers are in Orange, mom’s are in Pink.

1. An Easter (or Passover) tradition I have is staying up late for the Easter Bunny Cat to arrive.

2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Turkey Hill’s Chocolate Peanut Butter.

3. One of my favourite Easter/Passover memories is one of my earliest memories is when I was very young (5 or less) and on Easter morning my sister and I went outside to check to see if the Easter Bunny had come yet (in those days the Easter Bunny would leave the baskets on your doorstep). We came back in disappointed that there were no baskets. Mom or Dad must have told us to go back and check again because we – or at least I did – check the front step and there were two baskets filled with goodies. I still remember the sense of awe – that something bigger than me existed.

4. My favourite Spring flower is any flower I can eat and not throw up. 


Whew! This was a long post! We’ll see you tomorrow for Caturday Art and the letter “M”!! Lots of Love, Toby