M is for…

0306dIt’s finally Caturday and also M-Day!! Today I have for you a Mule, a Mike and a Muezza!! Also, More cuddle time with MOM!!!

0415 boston curtisBack in 1936 the mayor of Milton, Washington, Ken Simmons, owned a mule named Boston Curtis. As a joke one day he put Boston Curtis on the ballot for the post of committeeman. And surprising everyone, the mule actually won! It was a landslide victory – 51 – 0 – in spite of the fact there was no campaign and no prior notice. The residents were later really surprised when they learned Boston Curtis was actually a brown long-eared mule!! Simmons later said he did it to prove a point about knowing who you’re voting for!


0415 mikeFrom 1909 to 1929, a dark grey tabby cat named Mike was the cat in residence at the British Museum. He lived in the gatehouse at the museum and was very popular. When he died a 165-page obituary was written and published along with the many poems written about him. 0415 mikeThe Magnificant Mike


0415 muezzaThe founder of Islam, Mohammed (570-632 CE), was fond of cats. According to Islamic tradition his favorite cat, Muezza, was sleeping on his sleeve when the prophet wanted to get up and pray. He supposedly cut off that part of the sleeve rather than disturb the sleeping cat. When Mohammed returned, Muezza thanked him for not disturbing him. For the cat’s gratitude, Mohammed assigned a place in paradise for the saintly and heavenly cat. An Islamic legend says that the “M” on tabby’s foreheads is in honor of the prophet; but, on the other hand, a Christian legend says the “M” is for Mary, the mother of Jesus!


Of course, I haven’t forgotten about Caturday Art!0415-mike

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow is Sunday so there won’t be an A to Z post. Be sure to come back on Monday for the letter “N”!!