O is for…

O is for… Oh I’m so sad…my sweet friend Miss Nellie has left us. I know many of you know this already but, like all of us, I have my own special memories of her and I wanted to share our time together. After that I’ll do my A to Z post!

nellies mice Do you remember these guys? They’re Nellie’s mice! After Nellie posted about them, they visited LadyBird while she was sleeping!

sleepy b

sleepy c

ladybird & nellie The next night, Nellie visited LadyBird in her dreams!!

nellie-ladybirddisco-copy Nellie was a wild child – she took LadyBird dancing!!!

5thBlogoversary  LadyBird had a great time at Nellie’s party!

The after LadyBird went to the Bridge (I’m sure those two are kicking up their heels now!) Nellie befriended me and taught me her wild ways!!nellie and toby


0609c This past summer when Miss Nellie was running Joe and Smoke’s Presidential campaign, she came to Virginia Beach to put up signs and we went sight seeing and had a great seafood supper!!


Vinginiabeach5 copy


tobywreckingcrew This past October we joined Nellie’s pumpkin Patch!

And finally, this past February, my Sweetheart Penny and I visited the royal palace of Queen Nellie and brought her many gifts. Your Majesty, Queen Nellie


gift25 And she sent me this thank you in return.

angel nellie

Au revoir sweet Nellie. You will be missed but never forgotten.



Let’s dry our tears and switch gears…

HellO fOlks! tOday is “O” day!! tOday I have fOr yOu twO dOgs – Oscar and Owney! Why dOn’t we get started with Oscar!!

When Hollywood comes calling for dogs of a specific breed, animal trainers sometimes have to search everywhere for the right dog. For the movie, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, the producers wanted an Anatolian Shepherd to play a lead role, “Butch.” The trainer called the Anatolian Shepherd Rescue group to help him find the perfect “Butch.” He eventually found Oscar in California, working as a guard dog for a herd of miniature horses. The trainer took him home and Oscar began his short movie career. He did very well on the movie, mostly because he loved working – no just herding/guarding. He had a brief role with Blythe Danner in the movie, The Lucky One. Anatolians are big dogs, but Oscar was 165 pounds and when he stood on his hind legs he was over 6 feet tall!

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In 1888, a scruffy terrier mix named Owney started hanging around an Albany, NY post office. To keep warm, he would sleep on the mailbags and eventually started following the mailbags onto the mail trains. The Albany Post Office sort of adopted him – as much as anyone could adopt a wandering dog. When Owney decided to start hopping trains, the folks in Albany didn’t want to lose him so they put a collar and tag on him explaining who he was and where he belonged. He ended up visiting all 48 contiguous states and became quite popular. Although train accidents in the late 1800s were fairly common, any train Owney road on never had an accident. So on Owney rode, hopping from train to train, eventually traveling over 140,000 miles. Mail carriers all over the country “adopted” Owney as a mascot and they put hundreds of medals and tags on his collar/harness to show where he visited. He died in June 1897 and his ‘stuffed’ remains are on display at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

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Well, if you’ve stuck with me through this very long post, thank you! I know we started off a little sad but we ended with our A to Z post. Tomorrow is “P” day and I hope you’ll come back.






9 thoughts on “O is for…

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely tribute! Nellie loved Lady Bird and was sad when she passed, and she was happy when Toby “took over””. And what fun she had with Toby!
    I sure a appreciate your post! Thank you.
    Love Barb

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